Bricklayer Upright

18,3 kg
3000 mm
Steel / HDG

The bricklayer upright system from Vivatec greatly simplifies the creation of straight facing masonry. It enables the bricklayer to tension a guide cordfor exact alignment of the veneer.

So far, in practice, angles made of wood have mostly been nailed together on site and fixed to the tube by means of a screw clamp. The Vivatec bricklayer upright systematizes this process with just a few system parts.

A set of a bricklayer upright consists of a 3000 mm tube for cord attachment, two brackets for attaching to the rear masonry and two sliders for optimal positioning of the tube.

With extremely high facing masonry, the system can also be increased to up to 4500 mm.

In addition, intelligent accessories are available, such as the system clamp for attaching the tube to seamless corner walls and the magnetic cord holder for holding the alignment cord.

All individual parts of the bricklayer upright system can easily be reordered and replaced if damaged or lost.

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