The products are painted on a powder coating line based on state-of-the-art technology. The line is fully automated. A robot lifts the product to be painted on hooks hanging from the line. The first phase is pre-handling of the product, in which it gets a so called Nano-Coating. Nano-Coating brings in addition to perfect adhesiveness of the colour also provides great corrosion resistance.

This kind of pre-handling is the most environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods. Remarkable savings can be reached not only in heating, but also in electricity and water consumption. Waste production is only a fraction compared to traditional methods. After pre-handling an automatic conveyor transports the product to the powder coating unit. The powder is electro-statically applied with the exact quantity that is required. The system can utilise all the powder without any waste.

The powder coating-centre can change colour in less than 10 minutes. Any RAL colour can be chosen and changing colour does not result in any delay due to automatic buffering.



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