About us


100% ‘Made In Germany’

We are proud to say that our products are 100% made “Made in Germany”.
Throughout the world, German engineering enjoys an excellent reputation.
For most the term “Made in Germany”, stands for:

  • sophisticated, targeted, innovative solutions
  • high-quality, durable products
  • products which meet and exceed standards
  • intelligent products and manufacturing excellence


Made With Pride

‘Act Globally, Produce Locally’ – we follow this principle also for reasons of sustainability. We at VIVATEC™ Safety GmbH are proud that our products are manufactured at our HQ in Iserlohn (West Central Germany). Among others, 100 % of the steel we process is produced in the EU and every single piece contains a significant share of recycled steel.

Our facilities all operate to the highest safety standards within the EU, meeting or exceeding the employment, health and safety, and diversity legislation and guidance.


Sustainability For A Better World

Minimising our environmental impact is a central pillar of our business. We continuously find ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the office, the products we use and the manufacturing process. For example,

Our galvanizing and coating partners all meet the highest EU standards to ensure the materials and production processes they use has the minimal environmental impact.

Our office and factory’s power originates 100 % from renewable sources.


‘International and Inclusive’ team 

Our team is highly qualified. Professionals with extensive experience in their field, from across the World.

We have a continuous education and training programme to ensure our team not only provide the best possible service to our customers, but also they all individually achieve their personal potential.

All areas of our HQ meet the highest EU safety standards relating to work safety and corporate health management. We are an international team, indeed we welcome cultural, physical, religious and sexual diversity at work.

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