Material Catch Fan 3m

BS EN 1263-1
80 kg
3000 mm
aluminium | steel / HDG


Due to the bearing-out of 2 m, the VIVATEC™ Material Catch Fan MCF offers an appropriate protection zone in front of the building against falling items e.g. material, tools or construction waste.

Because of the flexible capabilities the VIVATEC™ MCF can be adapted to diverse construction situations. The application in the smallest spaces is possible without any problems, because the

VIVATEC™ MCF can be lifted up to the façade to create access e.g. for cranes.

The VIVATEC™ MCF has a mesh width of 60 x 60 mm. Additionally a fine-meshed material catch fan with a mesh width of 20 x 20 mm is included to the standardized scope of delivery. It is connected to the material catch fan as a safeguard against smaller falling items.

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