VT Barrier Beam System

The VT Barrier Beam System is designed to provide a double guardrail in conjunction with a mesh barrier. The concept is that the mesh panel can be removed, leaving edge protection in place when access is required through the edge protection or to the slab edge. This is particularly useful when installing cladding or glazing panels.

The main components of the system are the Aluminium Beam 2600, the Aluminium Beam Holder, which can be easily fitted to Vivatec standard components as well as the Spigot to connect two Aluminium Beams.

Fully tested according EN-13374 Class A, this system complements the wide range of Vivatec edge protection.

Aluminium Beam 2600

Item No. 9110038
Manufactured from high quality aluminium tubes with standard scaffold diameter, this beam is very light whilst very strong.

Aluminium Beam Holder

Item No. 9110035
The Aluminium Beam Holder can be flexibly attached to the back of the respective mesh barrier holder of the edge protection post.


Item No. 9110037
The Spigot is used to connect two Aluminium Beam 2600 additionally.


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